Big Band Dancing In Manchester

If you are passionate about big band dancing in Manchester or the north west area, then come along to the Thursday night session. The Alan Bracewell Big Band has a fantastic collection of dance band arrangements. The songs cover every type of dance rhythm played in strict tempo from:

Ballroom-Waltz-Quickstep-Foxtrot & Tango

Latin America -Rumba-Samba-Cha Cha Cha & Jive

Popular party dances Barndance-St Bernard Waltz-Valeta

The The Alan Bracewell Big Band can provide a bespoke selection of music for dance events in the Manchester and north west area. This selection of music would be in co-ordination with the requirements of the IDTA (International Dance Teachers Association).

Below Alan Leads The Big Band

The Alan Bracewell Band

The Alan Bracewell Band


So, if dancing is your pleasure, you can be assured of a superb programme of music. Each dance is announced by Alan at the start of each dance number.

Their are always keen dancers at the weekly Thursday night session of the The Alan Bracewell Big Band, many from the Valerie Millard Dance School. The weekly night of music and dancing is attended by both beginners and the more intermeidiate dancers.

For more information on big band dancing or dance classes in the Manchester or north west area please contact Valerie Millard from the contact page here